Pure Drinking Water on Tap
We can convert your River Water into safe clean drinking water which will ensure the health of your societies

Village & Panchayat Drinking Water Schemes

A large number of commendable schemes are being undertaken in rural areas, to provide small towns, villages and hamlets with water.

An unfortunate fact is that today most waters from wells and rivers, experience contamination in some form or the other. The most common contaminants being suspended matter, mud, silt, algae, bacteria and other pathogens.

Bacterial and other pathogenic contamination often lead to medical problems including cholera, jaundice and numerous other water borne sicknesses. This causes undue strain and expense on the Health Care System and on the people themselves who undergo such sicknesses. Hence, it has become necessary to treat and purify such waters to acceptable standards, before human consumption.

Bulk Treatment for Clean & Pure Water

For human consumption, ‘Safe Water India’ (SWI) provides cost effective, efficient and reliable bulk Water Treatment Plants for - Townships, Villages, Panchayats, etc. These water treatment plants are provided in any combination of filters / sterilizers / pumps / special equipment, to suit specific conditions at each Village / Panchayat location. The basic equipment comprising filters, sterilizers, etc is generally custom designed to meet client requirements.

Features of such systems include: -

    - Custom designs to suit individual site requirements. (SWI analyses and recommends treatment        units depending upon the actual requirements at each individual site)

     - Cost-effective and proven technologies.

     - Simple to operate, Fully automatic self cleaning filter systems.

  System design incorporates ease of operation and maintenance. Any suitable person duly        appointed by the Village / Panchayat can be quickly trained in operation of the plant.

   - Permanent solutions to providing drinking water on tap. (Specially designed Plants can be        supplied to handle muddy or turbid waters, high pathogenic waters - such as that generally available         from wells, ponds, lakes and rivers)

     - Output water adheres to Indian and internationally accepted standards.

A typical water treatment schematic is shown below.

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