Potable (Drinking) Water

Why Treatment?
Water everywhere is increasingly being subjected to contamination from numerous sources and this, especially in potable (drinking) waters is a major concern, due to the associated health hazards.

Most Public Bodies, such as Municipalities and Corporations provide basic treatment (including Filtration and Disinfection) of the potable water supplied by them. However, at the point of use (at the consumer end) often even these waters suffer contamination due to various factors. Some of these factors at the consumer end include improper storage (underground and / or overhead), unclean tanks, bad plumbing, broken and damaged pipelines, cross – connections with untreated water or waste water lines, etc.

As a preventive measure, a large number of households utilize small filter – sterilizer units for their drinking water purification. Such units are generally a combination of screen and carbon filtration + U.V disinfection and are designed for low flow rates of 1 to 2 liters per minute (60 to 120 liters per hour). However, it is observed that even certain areas of major cities suffer from muddy / turbid water supply during the monsoons. Such waters may cause damage to or impair the efficiency of such household units, necessitating increased service calls and parts replacement.

Bulk Treatment
‘Safe Water India’ (SWI) provides bulk Water Treatment Plants (capacities of 1,000 liters per hour and larger) for Large Buildings, Housing Colonies, Small Townships, Resorts, Water & Theme Parks, etc., for both Potable and non-potable requirements.

These plants are designed to handle muddy or turbid waters and can provide drinking water to standards exceeding BIS standards. Based on economies of scale it is seen that Bulk treatment costs compares favorably vs. individual household units. Cost comparative studies are separately attached.

Plants can be specially designed and supplied to handle high hardness waters (such as that generally available from tube wells) and brackish / saline waters.

Water Sampling & Treatment Criteria
Most non-municipal supplies, such as those from tube wells, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers etc, are distinctive in their treatment requirements depending upon the composition of contaminants in the water.

SWI hence arranges to sample the water at each location, test the sample at an approved laboratory and only then recommend suitable treatment. SWI charges a nominal amount for this service. This amount is credited back to the customer upon SWI receiving an order for the treatment plant & equipment recommended.

SWI also takes into consideration all input and any special requirement from customer and incorporates the same into plant design.

SWI generally provides plants and equipment as a composite skid mounted package, with all equipment delivered at customer’s site fully pre-connected and pre-wired. At site, these plants require only inlet, outlet and drain connections and suitable power supply connections to commence operations. Customers are advised well in advance of space requirements and all other relevant details. Drawings for system general arrangements, layouts, wiring, operating instructions, signage, etc., are supplied with each plant as a matter of routine. There are no additional or hidden costs for provision of such documentation.

Plant Operation
he plants provided by SWI are usually constructed for operation by unskilled persons. These plants are designed for automatic self-cleaning operations to provide uninterrupted service. Where semi-skilled operation may be necessitated, SWI will arrange for the same.

Warranty & Maintenance
SWI warrants its plants and includes for comprehensive maintenance during this warranty period. Thereafter, Annual Maintenance Contracts are provided as required.

During the warranty period, SWI: -
       -Periodically arranges for Sampling and Water Testing and provides customers with proof copies for          their record logs, of such tests (done at accredited laboratories).
        -Periodically, dispatches its own personnel to check plant performance.
        -Arranges for all maintenance and repainting required during this period free of cost

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